Seity for Education

Shaping safer, happier and healthier schools

Seitys groundbreaking platform is empowering schools to meet the wellbeing needs of students and teachers better than ever before.

Seity for Education

Shaping safer, happier, and healthier schools

Seity’s groundbreaking platform is empowering schools to meet the wellbeing needs of students and teachers better than ever before.

Students and teachers are crying out for additional support

The necessity for improved wellbeing support has been exacerbated in recent years with increasing numbers of students struggling to cope effectively while teachers and counselors are increasingly stretched. Seity is transforming the way schools deliver that support so they can better look after and value their people.

Meet their needs fast with Seity

Seity’s feature-packed platform has been created for speed and simplicity, ensuring that the real world benefits of wellbeing can be felt fast. Our 3-step process means it has never been easier to build safer, healthier classrooms.

Measure student wellbeing with our Wellbeing Check-in

Understand what makes your students remarkable with our Core Values Assessment

Improve school wellbeing using our Grow Toolkit

Wellbeing Check-in

The early warning system your people need

Seity’s Wellbeing Check-in is a scientifically validated tool for measuring student wellbeing. Students privately answer 4 simple questions (via the app or website) giving each student a wellbeing score. The wellbeing score helps teachers identify when a student may silently be crying out for help or need some additional support. 

Students with low scores receive automated support messages and are connected to customized mental health resources. Our GET HELP feature allows students to discreetly access professional support if they so choose. 

Our Wellbeing Check-in gives teachers a full panoramic view of their student’s wellbeing, displaying the data directly into their SIS attendance page.

Core Values Assessment

Reveal their remarkable

We all have a social identity (think of the school we attend or the neighborhood we live in), but we also have an individual identity. This individual identity is what makes us all truly remarkable, and it comes from our own set of unique, individual Core Values.


Up until now, it’s been difficult for students to clarify those values and understand how they impact their everyday life. Not anymore.


Thanks to Seity’s research unearthing the link between individual Core Values and healthy wellbeing, our scientifically validated Core Values Assessment can determine what your students 4 Core Values are with 91% reliability

Grow Toolkit

Improve wellbeing 

For more than 2 decades, our expert scientific team has been studying how wellbeing affects everyone in our society, and the evidence is indisputable. If you improve wellbeing you improve everything—from productivity and performance to confidence, leadership, and self-worth.


Our Grow Toolkit gives your students access to a suite of daily wellbeing features designed to help them improve and manage their wellbeing. 

Seity is helping school districts protect and care for their people

“As a district, our work and implementation of the SEITY Platform has empowered individuals and fostered a culture of wellbeing, cultivating a community where healthier, happier staff and students thrive. This synergy translates into heightened productivity, improved wellbeing, and a shared commitment to creating a positive and impactful environment for all.”

Dr Helio Brasil
Superintendent, Keyes Union School District

Download our Seity for Education brochure

If you would like to know more about the Seity Platform and how it can help your school better support its teachers and students, please download our Seity for Education brochure.

Would you like to talk to our team about bringing Seity to your school or district?

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