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Pfizer is one of the world’s leading multinational biopharmaceutical companies.



Pfizer approached Seity to deliver a revolutionary Core Values leadership program to a small pilot team. Due to the phenomenally positive results, Seity has since delivered the program to numerous Pfizer teams all around the world, with further plans to deliver corporate wellbeing the right way well into 2024 and beyond

Gemma Mayman, the global rare disease commercial lead at Pfizer, discusses how Seity has helped unite leaders and teams so they can better understand and support one another through their challenges.

Why it matters

Performance starts with people

People are at the heart of Pfizer’s organization, and they are integral to the success of our business. During the pandemic, people got really good at looking after each other, and we wanted that to continue post-pandemic. To facilitate this, we understood that we had to start delivering corporate wellbeing the right way for our people.



We didn’t just want a nice day out or a typical team bonding session, we wanted something that would make a lasting impression. Having been made aware of what Seity was doing with Core Values, we ran a small pilot with a team that was facing numerous challenges. Very quickly, we all felt the impact. Morale, energy, joy, and productivity improved, and the feedback from the team and it’s leaders was overwhelmingly positive.

It’s a wonderfully different approach with Seity as it is so focused on the people and building belonging vs just fitting in. The emphasis is on ‘what we can do for each other’ rather than just ‘what can we do for the business’.

Although Core Values are steeped in 20 years of science, the execution is instinctive and simple, and that is where the magic lies.

The AHA moment

Discovering our Core Values

The Core Values piece really impressed me. Not only was it eye-opening to uncover all of our individual Core Values, but as a leader, it helped me to understand, inspire, and serve my team better every day. 


For example, one member of my team had a #1 Core Value of teamwork, but I had them working on a super important, but solo project. So once I had that AHA moment after the Core Values session, I gave them a different project to lead that involved teamwork and saw their joy come back and their performance and happiness shoot up.

Another key aspect is that the Core Values of my team really highlighted the diversity of skills and personalities we have, and that’s a wonderful thing. 

Honestly, who wants a team of penguins? If you’re a zebra, I want you to go and be the best zebra you can be!

The Workshops

Getting to know each other as humans, not just colleagues

The first workshops we did were with my leadership team. We spent 48 hours together with Seity and during that time, we went from being a group of people who kind of knew each other to a team falling in love with each other—really understanding what inspired us all as humans, what excited us, and what fears kept us up at night.


Seity also helped us clarify exactly what WE could control so that even if the walls were falling down outside, inside our team, we knew that we would put each other and the rest of the team first to ensure each other’s psychological safety.


The framework also helped us to agree collectively on what we wanted our team’s legacy to be which was extremely powerful for everyone involved and helped us all charge towards the same, collective North Star.

In my career, I’ve done every type of Workforce Development program from Strengthfinders to Enneagram, but Seity was without doubt the best program I have ever run with a team. The impact has been so long lasting. 


Workforce development done right

For any skeptics out there who think Seity is the same as other programs, it’s not. It has proved itself, and we have kept it going. The shared language, knowing our individual Core Values and having a framework to keep this going—it all helps to support our teams every single day.



What Seity did with my team was phenomenal. If we could bottle up the optimism and energy in the room, the world would be a better place.

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