The Seity Wellebeing Program

Performance starts with 

Our impact-driven, groundbreaking approach to corporate wellbeing is centred around improving your people to drive professional and personal development. 

The Seity Wellbeing Program

Performance starts with people 

Our impact-driven, groundbreaking approach to corporate wellbeing is centered around improving your people to drive professional and personal development. 

Improve wellbeing, improve everything

The experts behind Seity have spent the last 2 decades studying how wellbeing affects everyone in our society. The evidence is indisputable. If you improve wellbeing you improve everything—from productivity and performance to confidence, leadership, and self-worth.

Seity gives your business a scalable framework to measure, understand, and improve wellbeing.

How it works

Step 1 – Understand what wellbeing truly is

The science decoded and delivered with simplicity

Unlike other programs, our wellbeing methodology is not mystical or wistful – it’s grounded in decades of dedicated research. It is technologically innovative and scientifically validated. 


Our workshops will help you and your teams to understand the science of wellbeing and why it matters, helping you to shape a culture of wellbeing that benefits everyone.

Step 2 – Get to know your people as humans

Our Core Values Assessment delivers human insight never seen before 

Our individual identity is what makes us all truly remarkable, and it comes from our own set of unique, individual Core Values.

Up until now, it’s been difficult for people to clarify those values and understand how they impact their everyday life. Not anymore.

Our scientifically validated Core Values Assessment (delivered as part of our program) unearths what your Core Values are and helps you and your teams express them so your people can understand each other more deeply and at a more human level. 

Step 3 – Make long-term wellbeing instinctive

Our platform empowers you to measure, understand, and improve wellbeing  

Everyone who attends our wellbeing program gets access and training for our Seity Health Platform. This groundbreaking platform gives your people the tools they need to measure and track their wellbeing score, access professional wellbeing support, and improve their individual wellbeing at their own pace.

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Seity Health is helping leading organizations look after and value their people

Gemma Mayman

SVP Pfizer Global Services

In my career, I’ve done every type of team building from Strengthfinders to Enneagram, but the Seity program was without doubt the best I have ever run with a team. The impact has been so long lasting. It’s a wonderfully different approach with Seity as it is so focused on the people and building belonging vs just fitting in.

Get Seity and help your people thrive

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Putting the limitless benefits of wellbeing at the fingertips of millions of people

Seity for Schools

The Seity Platform integrates with school SIS systems and acts as an early warning system to help you see when a student is silently crying out for help.

Seity for Business

The Seity Wellbeing Program gives your business the framework to make scalable change a reality. Let us help you tackle corporate wellbeing with confidence.

Seity for Leaders

Seity gives you the tools you need to gain the extra edge by helping you use all parts of yourself for peak performance.

Improve Wellbeing, Improve Everything

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